Le Gerrit

A family story

Since 1985, we have created, brought to life and developed this campsite according to our values:

Help you to:

⭐️ Make unforgettable memories

⭐️ Live a unique holiday experience

⭐️ Discover, respect and appreciate everything around us (nature, humans or local history)

… In short, to help you really enjoy your vacation.


Eco-responsible campsite

Even today we are committed to more eco-responsible and more sustainable tourism.

We are committed to reducing our negative impact on nature.
As it is the small drops that make the big rivers, here are some of our actions, our organizational or layout choices that make your holidays greener and more responsible.


  • More eco-responsible consumption and more
    local: (eco-labeled cleaning products, organic and local products, sustainable furniture and materials, refurbished equipment)
  • Control of energy consumption: (no swimming pool, no air conditioning, drying of laundry in the open air preferred, choice of more economical solutions for hot water production equipment, automatic or solar lighting)
  • Sharing of best practices and inspiration for guests to test a few eco-responsible gestures during their stay (advice booklet and starter kit of cleaning products)

Better respect our environment

  • Harmony with the surrounding nature and local history (landscape integration of buildings and housing, information on the specificities and activities of the region)
  • Well-living and Eco-citizenship ((Re)connecting to others: respect for living beings and humans with friendliness, kindness and good humor)
  • Well-being ((Re)connecting to nature and to oneself… without wifi)

Natural resource management

  • Reduction and recovery of waste (less packaging, more bulk products and washable accessories, compost)
  • Water consumption (saving faucets, leak detection, limitation of watering and selection of plants that consume little water)
  • Electricity (choice of a supplier with 100% local and 100% renewable production)

Climate change and biodiversity

  • Management of outdoor spaces with good ecological principles (use of phytosanitary products reduced to a minimum, reasoned mowing, creation of biodiversity zones: flower meadows and insect hotels)
  • New buildings and facilities made locally, eco-designed and eco-responsible (tents, sanitary buildings, furniture)
  • Reuse and Upcycling (giving a second life to the oldest equipment and housings: for a lower carbon footprint than new… and an extra story)

Stay at Gerrit

Over the years, the campsites that only accommodated your tents, vans and caravans (… as well as a few cows and sheep) have been equipped with ever more comfortable, more unusual… and above all unique accommodation

logo tente glamping dans les pyrénées

Glamping tents (new in summer 2023)

logo mini maison glamping dans les pyrénées

Custom Mini Houses

logo gîte glamping dans les pyrénées

A cocooning cottage in the Grange


Le Gerrit ?

But by the way... what does "the Gerrit" mean?

“Eth jerit” which is pronounced “èt yèrit” is a word in local patois which has been “Anglicized” in “gerrit”. It is used to designate an area on the edge of the village.

The entrance to our campsite is in the center of the village of Marsous and the land extends over more than a hectare in the meadow that the Marsouins (😉 the inhabitants of Marsous) have always called “the Gerrit”.

In fact, it is also the “official” name that has been given to this entire area of ​​the village (on the cadastral map in particular). Thus, there is the rue du Gerrit, the stream of Gerrit, the path of Gerrit… and therefore our campsite is called “le Gerrit”… quite simply.

Attention there is no U after the G… if you pronounce “Guerrit” it is the Dutch translation of the first name Gérard

😉 and not the name of our campsite.